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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Iranian born soccer player plays racist card

Iranian-born German refuses to play in Israel

Hertha Berlin’s striker Dejagah says his refusal to play for Germany against Israel has political reasons.

BERLIN - German under-21 international Ashkan Dejagah has said he will not play against Israel in Tel Aviv on October 12 for political reasons, Bild newspaper reported on Monday.

Dejagah was born in Tehran and he explained his Iranian roots meant he would not be able to play in Israel.

He said his refusal "had political reasons. Everyone knows I am an Iranian-born German," he said.

The president of the German football federation Theo Zwanziger however criticised Dejagah's stance. "If we start doing things for political reasons, it will be sport itself which loses," Zwanziger said.

The DFB did however agree that he would not play in the qualifying match for the 2009 under-21 European championships.

Mr Bagel: What an appalling gesture. In a sport known as the World's game this poor little man tries to make a statement displaying his ignorance and antisemiticism. The world needs to react to gestures such as this, which are simply unacceptable. Theres no room for racism in World Soccer, and trying to hide it under the guise of political protest isn't going to work.

If you would like to let Hertha Berlin know of your feelings for this players actions then click:

Hertha BSC Berlin
Public Relations

Magdalena Palewicz (Assistant Public Relations Officer)

email: Magdalena.Palewicz@herthabsc.de

Sample letter:

Dear Ms Palewicz,
As a fan of World soccer I must convey to you my disapproval of Hertha Berlin's striker Ashkan Dejagah actions in context to the upcoming game against Israel in the under 21 European championship.

Soccer is well known for being the world game, and as a representative of its game I find his actions deplorable.

The simple fact is this isn't about 'politics' its about pure racism.

Hertha Berlin's stance in this matter is bound to be under close scrutiny, surely the club is in a position to make a bold, and affirmative statement against racism.

I hope you will convey to management the damage this players stance is doing to your clubs image.

Kind regards

Middle East online: Iranian-born German refuses to play in Israel


Anonymous said...

Does "anti-Israel" and "antisemite" mean the same thing?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous comment. He obviously doesn't like Israel's policies...like many non-jews and jews alike. There's no way you can call him antisemitic because he's making a statement against Israel, not Jews. To confound a criticism of a government as a criticism of a people is a totalitarian concept.

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